PUSH 250

One of the most successful models in the Bottene range changes its name and characteristics.    

The optimizing crosscut saw PUSH 180 becomes PUSH 250 where the number 250 indicates precisely the working speed of 250 mt/1’ that all models of crosscut saw with pushing system will have. This is possible thanks to the new positioning system of the pusher with the introduction of a high-speed rack and a Brushless motor with an increased power of 50% coupled to the rack by means of an epicyclic reduction gear. The positioning system with boards clamping by means of up&down pliers ensures maximum positioning precision and the exploitation of the maximum speed both during the backward and reading of boards and when moving forward.

The new PUSH 250 is now equipped with an increased cutting unit with the possibility of using motors up to 15kW and saws up to 800 mm in diameter.

The introduction of the version PUSH 250 MAX allows to process boards of big sizes.
The 800mm diameter coupled to a 15kW motor and the pusher with larger sizes allow to process boards up to 600mm wide.

For more information: PUSH 250

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