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Merlin QX Serie


The new MERLIN QX scanner can select and classify soft and hard wood boards. The 4-sided multisensor system detects dimensions, quality, knots, resin pockets, bark, colors, and other characteristics. Furthermore, in 200ms, it optimizes and determines the cutting positions to be sent to the OPTI 599 fast crosscut lines.

– 4-sided scanning.
– Grey and color.
– Dimensions.
– Declination of the grain.
– Quick recording of multisensor scanner data.
– Optimal control and activation of the sensors.
– Daily readjustment not necessary; light deviations of up to 30 percent of the nominal value are automatically detected and rectified.
– Automatic balancing on white for all sensors.
– No autofocus problem with irregular transportation.
– Correct detection of knots and resin pockets.
– Detection of length, width, thickness of the boards and bark.
– Detection of defect’s color.
– Detection of density on the length of the position of internal defects with XRAY.

The maximum evaluation time for complete detection of defects until the determination of the cutting positions and partial qualities is less than 200 ms.
Exact measurement of the profile (width / thickness, average value 0.2 mm).
Complete 3D reconstruction of the tables.
Resolution for a viewing area of 400 mm.
Multispectral color measurement – 0.5mm resolution.
Defect detection:
– By determining the angle, length and area of the laser spot, optimal detection of the deviation of the fiber and the visual parts of the knots is ensured.
– Detection of internal defects with XRay based on the difference in density, eliminating the influence of dirt or roughness of the saw on the surface.
– Detection of surface knots by combining XRay signal, laser scatter and multispectral color.
– Based on the complete 3D reconstruction, holes, lack of material or bark are detected.

Real-time display of the assessed boards.
Presentation of 4 sides for visual inspection.

Intelligent error messages with monitoring of sensors and actuators with mutual control of cameras and other sensors.
Creation of a table for the properties of each measured board (txt file) according to customer’s specific rules.

Optimization of boards for cutting considering dimensions, bark margin and defects.
Quality assessment based on value.
Various instruments allow the operator to determine different qualities.
Possibility of re-optimizing the stored tables to apply the various optimization rules available.

Length mm. 700 – 5000
Width mm. 40 – 300
Thickness mm. 20 – 70
Vorking speed mt./1′ 200


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