Automatic line for production of wooden houses

Automatic line for production of wooden houses.

The combination of the station who detects weight, moisture and density together with the OPTISCAN 4 vision scanner who detects knots, curvatures, fibers and sizes ensures the highest quality required for XLAM-CTL panels production


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Boards selection line for pallets production

Boards automatic sorting line for pallets production with mod. OPTI SCAN 4 scanner.

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Crosscutting line for Random parquet

Crosscutting line for random parquet planks with Scanner and crosscut saw mod. OPTI 599.

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Automatic loader system for EPAL pallets

Automatic loading system for transversal and longitudinal boards on the 1st nailing machine for EPAL pallets production.

Production capacity up to 360 pallets/h with 1 robot.

Production capacity up to 600 pallets/h with 2 robots.

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Multi-rip saw unloader for MDF panels

Multi-rip saw unloader and stacking for MDF panels. Speed 50 mt/1′.

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Fully automatic plant for the production of jointed boards.

The plant is composed of: vacuum automatic loader, scanner OPTISCAN 4 with cross cut saw OPTI599 to detect and cut away the defects of the wood according to the desired quality, automatic infeed to the finger joint,  Finger joint mod. HERON HS for the production of jointed bars up to 6mt (12mt on request), crosscut saw PUSH 180 XL to make an accurate cut at the desired size and automatic stacking placed at the end of the line.

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Loader for 3 ways blocks


Capacity: 80 blocks/minute. Automatic pack exchange and pallet recover. Separating paper recover.

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Complete plant for frames production


Brazil. High-capacity plant complete with vacuum loader and recovery of strips, OPTI SCAN 4 scanner, two OPTI 599 crosscut saws, sorting conveyors with pneumatic ejectors and two HERON HS finger jointers for boards from 6 up to 12 mt. Production 60 linear meters/minute.

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Loading system for sanding machines

Ukraina. Loading system for parquet into the sanding machines

Cycle per minutes: 11

Boards per minutes: 80

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Glulam production plant

Complete plant for the production of glulam for doors and strips installed in Spain.

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Cross-cutting plant for profile production

Brazil. High-capacity cross-cutting plant complete with vacuum loader and recovery of strips, OPTI SCAN 4 scanner, two OPTI 599 crosscut saws and sorting conveyors with pneumatic ejectors.

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