Continuous crosscutting

Crosscutting line for Random parquet

Crosscutting line for random parquet planks with Scanner and crosscut saw mod. OPTI 599.

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OPTI 599 optimizing crosscut saw

2B3A1013.jpg RITAGLIO

High-productivity plant with OPTI SCAN 4 scanner and two OPTI 599 crosscut saws

OPTI 599

The OPTI 599 is a high-performance crosscut saw which can increase your productivity by up to 30% compared to traditional ones. Designed for use in high-production lines for heavy-duty non-stop operation, it employs a hardened steel helical toothed roller drive system incorporating a powerful brushless motor that guarantees a 300 mt./1’ feed speed.

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OPTIMAX crosscut saw for sawmills



An automated crosscut saw used in sawmills for cutting large boards, even untrimmed.

Because of its speed (200 mt./1′) and cutting capacity (150 x 800 mm) it is used in-line with log saws and multi-blade saws; it automatically detects the length and thickness of the boards and optimizes them.

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Push crosscutting

PUSH 100 optimizing crosscut saw

PUSH 100

Optimizer-Crosscut saw with pushing system, versatile, precise and cheap.

Positioning by precision rack ensures maximum precision and maintenance of lifetime performance without any deterioration and no maintenance.

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PUSH 180 optimizing crosscut saw


PUSH 180

Optimizing Crosscut Saw, with pusher system, versatile, fast and precise.

Positioning by means of a precision rack ensures high speed (300 mt./1′ for model PUSH 180S), precision and top performance levels for life, without any deterioration and need for maintenance.

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PUSH 180R Rotary crosscut saw


PUSH 180 R

PUSH 180R has the same features and performance as other models with pusher system, making it possible to make +/-68° inclined cut.

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PUSH 1200 pack crosscut saw



The PUSH 1200 is a completely automated cross-cutting line used mainly by producers of pallets or part-worked pieces for producing boards and small beams with a production capacity up to 200 m3 per shift.

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Semiautomatic crosscutting

R400-R500-R550 Semi-automatic crosscut saws


Series R Cross-Cut Saws are normally used in companies that produce part-worked pieces, packaging and door and window frames.

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Crosscutting for sawmills

R700- R800- RO500 crosscut saws for sawmills

RO500 crosscut saw with FEL100P electronic stop


Thanks to their structure and cutting capacity they are used in sawmills for working large boards or for insertion directly into the layout of lines with log cutters and multi-blade units.

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