Continuous crosscut saws

OPTI 599 optimizing crosscut saw


2B3A1013.jpg RITAGLIO High-productivity plant with OPTI SCAN 4 scanner and two OPTI 599 crosscut saws

OPTI 599

The OPTI 599 is a high-performance crosscut saw which can increase your productivity by up to 30% compared to traditional ones. Designed for use in high-production lines for heavy-duty non-stop operation, it employs a hardened steel helical toothed roller drive system incorporating a powerful brushless motor that guarantees a 300 mt./1’ feed speed.

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OPTIMAX crosscut saw for sawmills



An automated crosscut saw used in sawmills for cutting large boards, even untrimmed.

Because of its speed (200 mt./1′) and cutting capacity (150 x 800 mm) it is used in-line with log saws and multi-blade saws; it automatically detects the length and thickness of the boards and optimizes them.

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